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Album Details / Review : Freddie Mercury (Solo Album)

Freddie Mercury (Solo Album) by Queen - Queen Album
Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury (Solo Album)
Released : Monday, 16th November 1992
Higest UK Chart Position : 4
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Track Listing

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1) The Great Pretender   Buck Ram Interesting Information about The Great Pretender
2) Foolin' Around   Mercury Interesting Information about Foolin' Around
3) Time   Dave Clark & John Christie Interesting Information about Time
4) Your Kind Of Lover   Mercury Interesting Information about Your Kind Of Lover
5) Exercises In Free Love   Freddie Mercury & Mike Moran   
6) In My Defence   Dave Clark, John Soames & Jeff Daniels Interesting Information about In My Defence
7) Mr. Bad Guy   Mercury Interesting Information about Mr. Bad Guy
8) Let's Turn It On   Mercury Interesting Information about Let's Turn It On
9) Living On My Own   Mercury   
10) Love Kills   Freddie Mercury & Georgio Moroder   
11) Barcelona   Freddie Mercury & Mike Moran   

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Freddie Mercury (Solo Album)

UK release of similar US Album "The Great Pretender".

Spent 14 weeks on the UK Chart.

Recommended Songs : The Great Pretender, Love Kills, Barcelona


The Freddie Mercury album, was released in the USA also, under the name 'Mr. Bad Guy' - with some small differences to track listings. Solo albums gave Freddie a chance to experiment in a way he couldn't with Queen, for example, using full orchestras.

I had actually bought Brian Mays 'Back to the Light' and 'The Great Pretender' around the same time, quite a while before I had heard many of Queens work. I was hooked straight away with 'The Great Pretender' which had quite a funny video also. The album has a varied set of musical styles, from ballads like 'Time' and 'In my Defence' to Dance style songs like 'Foolin Around','Let's Turn It On' and 'Living on my Own'. Freddie said that the song, 'Living On My Own' was in a way about his life and was in no way talking about other people living on their own.

Exceptional Quality on the album with the typical Freddie Mercury style, loads of piano, great harmonies, expert song writing- one for everyones collection.

Review Rating : 9

The Freddie Mercury Album was released almost 1 year after Freddies death, reaching #4 in the UK, and spending over 30 weeks on the Dutch Charts.

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